Enhance Your Digestive Health with L-Glutamine at Young Again

Discover the benefits of our L-Glutamine supplement, now available at Young Again. Our supplement comes in a convenient package containing 120 tablets, each with a potent dosage of 500mg. L-glutamine is a powerful amino acid recognized for its effectiveness in promoting optimal intestinal and colon health.


Benefits of L-Glutamine

Promotes Intestinal Health

L-glutamine is well-known for its ability to support and maintain a healthy digestive system. It plays a crucial role in nourishing the cells of your intestines, helping to repair and maintain the gut lining. This can prevent and alleviate issues like leaky gut syndrome, ensuring your digestive system functions smoothly.

Supports Colon Health

In addition to supporting the intestines, L-glutamine also benefits colon health. It helps to maintain the integrity of the colon lining, reducing inflammation and promoting overall digestive health. By incorporating L-glutamine into your daily routine, you can ensure a healthier and more resilient digestive tract.


How to Use L-Glutamine

Suggested Intake

For optimal results, the suggested intake of our L-Glutamine supplement is 1-2 grams per day, which is equivalent to 2-4 tablets. This dosage ensures you receive the necessary amount of L-glutamine to support your digestive health. You can take the tablets with or without food, making it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Scientific Backing

Our L-Glutamine supplement is formulated based on robust scientific research, ensuring its efficacy and safety. You can trust that you are getting a high-quality product that delivers real benefits for your digestive health.


Invest in Your Health

Convenient and Effective

Our L-Glutamine supplement is a convenient and effective way to support your digestive health. With 120 tablets per package, you have a long-lasting supply of this beneficial amino acid. Regular use can lead to significant improvements in your intestinal and colon health.

A Healthier Digestive System

Investing in our L-Glutamine supplement is an investment in your health. By supporting your digestive system, you can enjoy better overall well-being and a higher quality of life. Make the smart choice for your health today with our L-Glutamine supplement.



Enhance your digestive health with our L-Glutamine supplement from Young Again. Each package contains 120 tablets, each with 500mg of potent L-glutamine. This powerful amino acid supports intestinal and colon health, helping to maintain a healthy digestive system. Take 1-2 grams daily (2-4 tablets) for optimal results. Formulated with scientific research, our supplement is both effective and safe. Invest in your health today and enjoy the benefits of a healthier digestive system with our L-Glutamine supplement.

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